Improving literacy at Nightingale Academy is a top priority and we have a number of Literacy GOALS.

What do we mean by literacy?

When reading we all:

  • Have a book that matches our reading ability and always bring it to school
  • Quiz regularly on Accelerated Reader

When writing we all:

  • Plan our work
  • Use PEE and PEARL in our written responses
  • Re-draft our work based on teacher advice

When communicating with each other we all:

  • Listen to each other’s views ad respond respectfully
  • Use the appropriate language for the situation

There are many reasons why a student may have low levels of literacy:

  • They may be new to the English Language
  • They may need to read more and at a higher level to develop new vocabulary and more complex reading skills like inference and deduction
  • They may have some additional learning needs that make reading and writing difficult
  • They may lack confidence or struggle speaking out in groups
  • They may struggle to concentrate and listen carefully

What are we doing to help improve student literacy

  • Accelerated Reader is an exciting project to improve students’ language, literacy and reading skills quickly. All students in year 7, 8 and 9 have a DEAR session where they read twice a week for thirty minutes and for 20 minutes in tutor time. They then complete quizzes on what they have read. It’s fun and it helps our students to make amazing progress in their literacy and reading skills. Many of our teachers take part too and compete with the students.
  • Every teacher is a literacy teacher. Literacy in not only taught in English. Literacy is essential in every subject – it is the key to learning and making progress in all lessons and subjects. Every teacher plans lessons that teach and develop literacy skills and every teacher marks students’ work to ensure that their writing skills are improving.
  • Targeted Literacy Intervention classes are available to all students who are identified as needing an extra raid boost in language acquisition and literacy skills. At Nightingale Academy we use the reading programme Lexia to support students in all year groups to improve their reading skills.
  • The LRC plays a crucial role at Nightingale Academy. Not only can students borrow books and take part in the Accelerated Reader programme, but students can also conduct research, form study groups, get help with homework and take part in guided reading. To find out more about the LRC, click here...
  • At Nightingale Academy we train our teachers on ‘Talk for Writing’. This is a strategy that helps students to think and talk before putting pen to paper. This gives weaker readers and writers the opportunity to discuss a subject before they actually start the writing process.