Erasmus+ Y2BE International Project

What is this project about?

Nightingale Academy is the coordinating school of Y2BE project, a European Union funded Erasmus+ partnership of 8 schools from 8 European countries. All overseas visits and other activities will be paid for by this fund. Over 50 pupils will make the Nightingale Y2BE team, who will work together to devise and create a highly elaborated business plan, which will be designed to have an impact in the local community. This business plan will be completed step-by-step by smaller teams, according to the above schedule. At the end of the project, all partner schools will pitch their business plan to a panel of high profile businessmen acting as judges in a competitive, Dragon’s Den style event in London.

The Youth to Business Enterprise (Y2BE) teachers’ team were in action over October half term in their first Transnational Meeting at our Spanish partner school, Instituto de Educación Secundaria Playa San Juan in Alicante. The project coordinators and school leaders of all 8 Y2BE partner schools got together for the first time to discuss and plan future events, international visits and other important activities, as part of this unique project. Nightingale Academy, as the co-ordinating school in this project, was represented by our Principal, Mrs Ann Palmer, the Y2BE General Co-ordinator, Mr Avni Aliaj and the project’s Operational Lead, Ms Nicola Hunt. During this meeting, which was characterised by a strong collaborative ethos, all partners agreed on the project’s Rule Book, the sharing of roles and responsibilities and agreed on a final schedule of all international visits for the next three years as follows:


Getting involved

Mr Aliaj and Ms Hunt are currently recruiting Nightingale pupils from all year groups to fill the following positions in the Y2BE Nightingale team:

35 Team Members

1 Company Director

2 Deputy Directors

6 Team Leaders

6 Deputy Team Leaders

Being part of the Y2BE Nightingale team is a rare and spectacular learning opportunity, as well as a reward of the highest level. Apart from being able to attend at least one of the international visits above, you will receive expert training on a number of aspects of Business and Enterprise with a global dimension, thus gaining highly valued skills and knowledge on the subject. This will give a massive boost to your future career ambitions. The positions are open to all Nightingale students from any year group who:

Ø Can prove they are up for the challenge

Ø Can prove they can bring valuable skills to the team

Ø Have an impeccable record of behaviour and attitude to learning

Ø Have a very good record of attendance and punctuality

Ø Are highly motivated, good team players and have leadership skills

Ø Are presentable, mature, responsible and have good communication skills

Ø Want to be part of an extraordinary, potentially life-changing learning experience with long lasting impact in their future career and education.

If you think this is the challenge for you, write a letter of interest to Mr Aliaj, explaining why you think you should be part of the Y2BE Nightingale team.

Mr Aliaj

Head of Modern Languages

International Coordinator