Specialist Support

This page contains information about the specialist support offered in Newlands Academy

Newlands Academy are pioneering in their psychological approach with a team of full time assistant psychologists working in the school every day. They are supervised fortnightly by a practising educational psychologists and their role is to work directly with students, staff and parents to implement psychological interventions and advice. Interventions and advice are usually in the areas of literacy, numeracy, comprehensions, anxiety, working memory, language, emotional needs and behavioural difficulties, social and communication skills, attention and concentration and motivation. The assistant psychologists also work with class teachers to implement quality first teaching in class with students based on the Educational Psychologists recommendations, and they can provide additional advice and support to help teachers further access and implement Educational Psychology reports and recommendations. Some of the work they have been involved in this year at Newlands has been creating a restorative practice model, delivering whole staff training, training TA’s to deliver 1:1 intervention, gathering assessment and observation data for EHCP applications, designing a referral process and targeted interventions, parent consultations, 1:1 therapeutic work and developing teaching methods with teachers. One of their most successful pieces of work was the creation of a document called a ‘profile of need’. The document is a combination of the students EHCP, the student’s views, and any input from professionals at Newlands Academy. The document is written in the ‘voice of the child’ supporting the SEND Code of Practice (2014) which emphasises a focus on young people’s voices to be heard in decision making. A profile of need is a one-page document including the student’s views, a summary of their needs and a list of recommended personalised support strategies based on specialist recommendations from their EHCP. The psychological input from the team has been invaluable to developing the whole school provision here at Newlands.

Speech and Language Therapy Provision at Newlands Academy

At Newlands Academy we recognise the significance of the links between communication skills, learning, and behaviour. Our Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Jenny Prior, provides a fully integrated service to support our students Speech, Language and Communication Needs. Jenny works collaboratively with school staff in both the delivery of the curriculum, and the development of social interaction skills throughout the day. Jenny is available to meet with parents at their request.

Counsellors & Psychotherapists

The aim of therapy is to explore and understand at an internal and emotional level the personal and relational dynamics for better adjustment and adaptation to the environment and current circumstances. This is geared towards students experiencing distress after an upsetting event or trauma. A willingness to engage in the process and a commitment to explore with the therapist is vital to beginning therapy and exploring different facets of life and relationships. The length of therapy is dependent on the individual and the difficulties they face as well as the assessment of the Clinician and their recommendation.