This page contains information regarding inclusion

Inclusion at Newlands plays a pivotal role in shaping students’ lives. Our vision for support at Newlands is to establish a person-centred and outcomes-focused culture that creates individually-tailored support packages for our students. At Newlands we recognise that our pupils have diverse and complex needs, and that equality of opportunity does not mean all pupils are given access to equal support - but rather, that all pupils are given access to the support they need. Inclusion is a network of support we provide for all students, parents/ carers and staff within the Academy. Inclusion enables effective teaching and learning to take place by promoting an awareness of diverse need, different learning styles, the achievements of all pupils, developing positive learning behaviour and the emotional and physical well-being of our entire school community. Inclusion aims to identify and meet every student’s needs through equipping them with the necessary skills and aptitudes for becoming successful independent learners.

Preparing and guiding them for future career paths so that they can contribute positively to their communities and make a difference.