Please see below for information on Admissions at Newlands Academy

Pupils must have a statement of special educational needs which is a statutory assessment in order to qualify for placement at Newlands Academy.

All of our pupils will have gone through a mainstream placement whether at primary or secondary level before receiving a statement of special educational needs. As well as the feeder primary school, Newlands also accepts pupils from mainstream settings after a permanent exclusion or period out of school. Entrance can also be via a Pupil Referral Unit and through referrals from other Local Authorities.

After the Headteacher and Inclusion Lead have reviewed the statement of a referred child, pupils, parents/carers are invited for a tour of the school and an interview with the Headteacher and Inclusion Lead.

The purpose of this visit is to establish whether Newlands can meet the needs of the child according to the objectives detailed in the child’s statement. All visits take place during the school day, allowing for parents and the child to get a feel for the Academy.

Pupils are offered a place dependant on space being available in the appropriate year group for the referred child and whether the pupil meets the Academy’s criteria for entrance.

For more detailed information, please find attached the current admissions policy which details our admissions procedure.

Admissions Policy