Please see below for information on Admissions at Newlands Academy

Students must have an Education, Health and Care Plan that includes an SEMH identified in order to qualify for a placement at Newlands Academy.

All of our students have had a mainstream placement whether at primary or secondary level and undergone a statutory assessment by the Local Authority SEND.

Students are referred to us from Primary and Secondary SEMH special schools from different LAs as well as from mainstream settings and PRUs where their needs can no longer be met.

The Principal and the Chair of Governors are sent consultation documents for each student by the LA.

The parents/carers and student are invited to come into Newlands Academy for a visit and a meeting with an allocated member of the Senior Leadership Team.

All visits take place during the school day, allowing for parents/carers and student to be able to have a full experience of the Academy’s learning environment.

Students offer of placements are dependent on availability of places within the appropriate year group and whether the student’s needs can be met by the Academy. All decisions are made in collaboration with all stakeholders and take into consideration not only the needs of the referred student but the needs of all other students at the Academy.

For more detailed information, please find attached the current admissions policy which details our admissions procedure.