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AET Annual Review for 2018/19.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find (attached] a summary of the AET Annual Review for 2018/19.

As an AET school, Newingtonis part of a family of schools where we help each other to make improvements for the good of all 33,000 children in our care. Thanks to the hard work of everyone within AET, we are seeing an overall improvement in educational outcomes and financial health across the Trust. You can see our collective progress in the Annual Review summary.

This is the first time we are sharing such a summary with you to be transparent; and so that you can see that we are part of a strong community, committed to making sure that all children can go on and lead remarkable lives. There is always more work to do, however, you will see from our summary that we are heading in a positive direction.

Kind regards

Joanne Leighton

Head teacher

Julian Drinkall, CEO

Academies Enterprise Trust

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