Writing at Newington

Writing at Newington runs alongside our ICCE curriculum and Mastery Flow.

Writing, at all stages of learning at Newington, starts with representing. Whether that may be marking making, letter formation, singing songs inspired by Jacob Mitchell’s Mc Grammar or the Legends of Literacy. It aims to capture the children into learning which is accessible for all.

We aim to ensure our writing is as immersive as possible with many links to our year group themes and inspirational books.

Skills and features of each genre are explored using out Mastery Flow which is a logical process that applies differentiation and challenge. This includes:

Representing: Show what you are learning.

Fluency: Practise the skills you are learning.

Probing: Prove it using: Show me, convince me, always, sometimes or never or what’s the same and what’s different?

Reasoning: Explain through justifying.

Rich: Applying the skills learnt to another context.

We believe this process of learning creates a sequence of lessons towards an end-point. It enables learners to use, practice and apply what they have learnt through connecting thinking and memory in order to develop long term retention.

Later, children get the opportunity to plan, draft, edit and improve and finally write independently.

All of this encapsulates our ICCE curriculum: Independent, Creativity, Collaboration and Expression.