Resilient Reader

Resilient Reader

Our mission is to give every child the power to become a Resilient Reader. We inspire our children to read through the use of Resilient Reader techniques. Created by Jacob Mitchell, Resilient Reader encourages the children to use the reading power of their left and right hand.

The left hand is used to summarise the text and ensures that the children have not ‘left’ anything out. The children use their left hand to skim the text and find the Who? What? Where? When? and Why? of the text.

Once the children are able to summarise securely they use their right hand to find the answers they need. If they use the right hand the answers will be ‘right’. The right hand is used to scan the text so that the children can find answers, explain, use inference, predict what might happen next and compare elements of the text.

Resilient Reader techniques are used from Foundation Stage to Year 6 as an integral part of our Reading Curriculum. Our children tell us that Resilient Reader has really helped them to make sense of what they are reading, improved their confidence and made reading fun.

At Newington we want every child to enjoy reading. Alongside our reading curriculum we offer a range of extra curricular reading opportunities. Chatterbooks and the James Reckitt Book Award are available for Key Stage 2 children to read a range of books and to talk about what they have read with other children. Our Media Crew complement this with their production of ‘The Reading Corner’ which is available to view on our Youtube channel

In addition children from Key Stage 1 and 2 take part in a ‘Book Buddies’ club one lunch time per week. The older children listen to the younger children read their reading book and then they share a story together from a range of fiction and non-fiction books provided.