Phonics & Reading Schemes

Phonics and Reading at Newington

At Newington we believe that readers are leaders - we want to engage ALL of our pupils to understand the beauty of reading!

We use Pearson’s Phonics Bug and Bug Club as our primary reading scheme across school. The reading books are classified by phonics phase and by a colour coded scheme which relates to the age related expectations for each year group. Each colour banding is also supplemented by texts from the Oxford Reading Tree or appropriate ‘real books’. All Children are able access reading materials at home through the active learn website. Books are allocated by the class teacher to children on an individual and group basis.

All children are issued with a reading book and a home school reading diary as they enter school. It is an expectation that teaching staff, teaching assistants and parents read with children on a regular basis and record the child’s progress into the diary. We aim to form a dialogue between home and school about the child’s progress and interests in reading.

Reading is taught using ‘Resilient Reader’ techniques in groups or as a whole class from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6. During Resilient Reader sessions children are taught specific comprehension skills and question types, given the opportunity to develop vocabulary and word choices and are given the opportunity to read for pleasure. The whole school also has a dedicated reading time every Friday afternoon. Often the older children will visit the younger classes during this time to share stories together. This is often reported as one of the favourite times of the week!