I.C.C.E. Curriculum

Our curriculum brings a unique identity to the Newington learning journey and is one that we are incredibly proud of - check out our video to get a flavour of what this looks like for pupils!

Newington Academy ICCE Curriculum – ‘A Learning Journey’

In essence, the rationale behind our ICCE curriculum was that we wanted to provide an experience for our children rather than a series of planned out schemes of work that looked great on paper but did little to enrich children’s understanding of the world around them.

There are many similarities to other schools curricula – indeed, the actual objectives and learning intentions start life at the same point. However, it is how they develop from this point and grow in terms of enrichment that makes our curriculum unique: immersive environments, school visits, school visitors, media use, bespoke parental engagement and celebrations of success all combine in a truly unique way of representing this experience in children’s books.

Four key strands form the backbone of our ICCE curriculum:

Independence – “Are pupils able and willing to steer their own learning?”

Collaboration – “Can pupils work alongside others in a supportive climate?”

Creativity – “Do pupils have the chance to ‘do things differently’?”

Expression – “Are there opportunities to express individualism?”

ICCE Curriculum Iceberg Diagram!.docx

ICCE in action!