I.C.C.E. Curriculum

Our curriculum brings a unique identity to the Newington learning journey and is one that we are incredibly proud of - check out our video to get a flavour of what this looks like for pupils!

Curriculum Intent

Here at Newington Academy our intention is to enable all of our children to experience the richness of learning through a combination of memorable experiences, vibrant immersive learning environments and a variety of digital media. Our unique theme books then empower children to discover what is possible.

There are 4 key strands that bind us together and are the foundation of our ICCE curriculum. Each one is built around the four most significant areas of need for OUR children and OUR Hessle Road community in Hull.

The four key strands that permeate our ICCE curricular ethos and drives all learning at Newington are

Independence – “Are pupils able and willing to steer their own learning?”

Collaboration – “Can pupils work alongside others in a supportive climate?”

Creativity – “Do pupils have the chance to ‘do things differently’?”

Expression – “Are there opportunities to express individualism?”

Our ICCE curriculum is designed with the needs of our children at its heart and ensures that every child in our school is equipped to find their remarkable both while they are pupils of Newington and in life.

What makes our school remarkable?

Newington Academy is a truly remarkable place where every child thrives. We pride ourselves on our ability to nurture everyone in our community, no matter the circumstance, so that our children are able to discover what’s possible.

At Newington Academy we are courageous. We are not afraid to do things differently to achieve results. Our use of multimedia is first-class; allowing every child to question, explain and reflect upon what they have learnt.

Staff at Newington Academy share the belief that every child deserves the best educational experiences. No matter the circumstance every child will enjoy a range of high quality first-hand experiences and educational visits designed to raise aspiration and build ambition.

We will not allow the current situation to put limits on our children’s learning. This year we are embracing what is possible through the use of digital learning. Our curriculum is available to all learners in our Google classrooms. Learning is not limited if we are not in school. In fact, the possibilities are limitless as we strive to provide a computer device for every child to enable every pupil to continue to learn and engage whatever the circumstances.

Here are our remarkable children talking about their learning journey.

Our learning Journey Y4_21.mp4
our learning journey Y6 21_1.mp4

ICCE in action!