Butterflies (FS2)

Welcome to Butterflies!

Welcome to the ‘Butterflies’ home page. Our class teachers are Mrs Pinnell and Mrs Evans and our teaching assistants are Mrs Lane, Miss Cattle, Mrs Green and Mrs Magson. You will see us at the FS2 classroom door every morning from 8.45am if you have any questions or messages.

We will listen to children read on a weekly basis so please ensure that your child's book bag and home reading book are brought to school every day. Please sign and date if you have heard your child read at home to enable us to change their book. Reading records will be checked and books can be changed on a daily basis and remember you can access more books online with your Bug Club username and password.

We may be the youngest children in the school but we want to show you we do the most learning! Each day we have Maths, Literacy and Phonics in addition to exciting ongoing provision to help us learn through our play. We never stop!

Please take some time to look at our exciting adventures and you never know you may learn something new too!

Monday 23rd September 2019

Favourite toys has been the topic of choice this week and we have really enjoyed finding out about each others interests. We have started looking at history and discussing toys of the past. We compared them to see the differences to toys today and had fun playing with some. We looked at the materials that they had been made out of and how this was different to most toys today and had a go at sorting them using different criteria.

During phonics we have now learnt s, a, t, p, i, n, m and d. this is really helping us to recognise some simple words. We are using our robot arms to help us to blend too!

Next week we will be thinking about colour. Elmer the elephant might make a little appearance!

It has been wonderful to see so many children reading and sharing stories at home. Please continue to do this and don't forget to note down these reading times in your child's home reading diary!

Thank you!

Monday 16th September 2019

This week we have been talking about our favourite books. We have looked at Dear Zoo as a class text and have been making puppets and role playing the story. We have also had the chance to spend lots of time reading and listening to stories. This has been helped by the introduction of our new reading corner! It is very comfy with a fantastic sofa to relax on!

Outside we are beginning to think about Autumn. The leaves have started to fall in our woodland and we have been using them to create art work as well as investigating why they fall and the changes that have occurred. We have also incorporated the use of technology outside and have enjoyed taking photos of our friends and out surroundings.

Next week we will be talking about our favourite toys. Our next phonic sounds will be m and d. Please continue to support your child with phonics by reading with them every night.

Thank you!

Monday 9th September 2019

We have have a brilliant first week at school! We have been learning all about ourselves and talking about our families. During provision we have been working on our gross and fine motor skills to help strengthen our hands. Playdough, threading and weaving have been a popular choice! We have created self portraits as well as portraits of our families and we are beginning to talk about what we have drawn.

This week we have been learning the sounds s, a, t and p in our phonics sessions. We have started to learn to blend the sounds together to read words and have learned the High Frequency Words a, as, and at.

Outside we have been learning to share, co-operate and work as a team to build obstacle courses using the large construction area. We have been learning how to care for our younger brothers and sisters in our Baby Clinic.

Next week we will be talking about our favourite books. If you have a favourite book please bring it to share with your friends on Wednesday. Our next phonic sounds will be i and n and we will be learning the Common Exception Word I

We cannot wait to get started!

The children have all been given a reading book based on the phonics sounds that we have already learnt. Don't forget that if your child has completed their reading book and you have signed their reading diary they are able to change their reading book. Please see Mrs Pinnell and Mrs Evans each morning.

We are very excited to help your children develop this year!