Butterflies (FS2)

Welcome to Butterflies!

Welcome to the ‘Butterflies’ home page. Our class teachers are Mrs Pinnell and Mrs Mace and our teaching assistants are Mrs Lane, Miss Cattle and Miss Porter. You will see us at the FS2 classroom door every morning from 8.45am if you have any questions or messages.

We will listen to children read every day so please ensure that your child's book bag and home reading book are brought to school every day. Please sign and date if you have heard your child read at home to enable us to change their book. Reading records will be checked and books can be changenged on a daily basis and remember you can access more books online with your Bug Club username and password.

We may be the youngest children in the school but we want to show you we do the most learning! Each day we have Maths, Literacy and Phonics in addition to exciting ongoing provision to help us learn through our play. We never stop!

Please take some time to look at our exciting adventures and you never know you may learn something new too!

Butterflies 2017/2018

What a wonderful start to the year!

The Butterflies have settled into school and are always impressing us!

This term our topic is 'The Animal Kingdom'. We have been trying to answer our big question, Where do animals live? So far we have found out all about African animals and Reptiles. Did you know that reptiles are cold blooded and lay eggs on land? We thought tigers lived in Africa but we have found out that they actually live in Asia!

Our first Talk for Writing was 'Dear Zoo'. We have used signifiers to help us retell the story and we changed the story to create our very own 'Dear Farm' story maps.

The children have all been given a reading book based on the phonics sounds that we have already learnt. Don't forget that if your child has completed their reading book and you have signed their reading diary they are able to change their reading book. Please see Mrs Pinnell and Mrs Evans each morning.

Homework is given out half termly but we will also send out some weekly tasks to support your children with basic skills. We are looking forward to seeing some of the wonderful home learning projects that you produce as a family.

We are very excited to help your children develop this year!

Spring 1

Our Spring topic is Fantasy and in Spring 1 we have looked at superheroes, knights, princess and castles. Our Superhero topic gave us a chance to learn one of our favourite stories 'Superworm' and we have produce lots of writing in our books and independently at the writing table. The children have enjoyed recreating superhero poses using the green screen to enhance the photographs.

In maths we have been learning to subtract using objects and number lines and we have been describing 2D shapes.

We have been continuing to apply our phonics skills to our writing and some of us are beginning to write independent sentences.

Even though the weather has been cold and miserable some days, we have continued to enjoy learning in our outdoor area and exploring the changes that occur in the woodland area.

Autumn 2

In Autumn 2 the children have been learning all about different kinds of celebrations, we have talked about birthdays, Diwali, Christmas and many more.

In phonics we have been continuing to improve our reading and writing and we know all the letters of the alphabet. We have also started to learn tricky words 'he', 'she', 'me', 'be', 'we'

We have been using our phonics knowledge in Literacy where we have been writing sentences. We have been using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

In maths we have been learning to counting 2 groups together and thinking about different ways we can work out answers to number sentences.

The highlight of this term has been our Christmas Production 'A Miracle in Town'. We are very proud of all the children and would like to say a big thank-you to all the parents who helped.

We would also like to say a big thank-you to the school's media team for filming our production.

a miracle in town.mp4

Autumn 1

During Autumn 1 Foundation stage has been learning all about ourselves. We have talked about our families and pets as well as taking a bus tour of hull. On our tour we took in some amazing sites such as the Humber Bridge, The KC Stadium, The Deep and the Street Life museum. At the museum we discovered how transport had changed over time.

In our phonics sessions we have been learning our sounds so we can beginning to read and write words by ourselves. We have also been learning to site read tricky words 'to', 'I', 'the', 'into', 'no', 'go'.

Our maths lessons have focused on number where we have been practising our counting to 20 as well as recognising numbers to 20. The children have counted many objects and some children have begun to order numbers as well as find missing numbers in a sequence. We have also been singing number songs to help us count forwards and back wards to 20

Please take a look at the Foundation Stage newsletter at the bottom of this page. Thank you!