Welcome from the Head of Academy

It is an exciting time as the New Rickstones Academy of today is a place where we aim to get the best out of every one of our students. Whether it is our most gifted and talented, who regularly go to university, or the students who need additional support, every student at New Rickstones Academy is valued as an individual in their own right.

Our primary aim is to ensure that all students fulfil their potential, but I am aware that they have a great deal to learn and much to enjoy in all that they do beyond their formal lessons. We therefore look to provide a wide range of sporting, cultural and adventurous activities for students to participate in, through which they can learn to work co-operatively and develop their leadership skills.

We create an environment which promotes an independent work ethic and encourages all students to acquire a love of learning. I want students to enjoy their school life and be inspired by their lessons, whilst providing each one of them with an academic challenge that enables them to realise their potential.

My responsibility is to ensure that we fulfil our aims and build on our achievements to enable current and future students from New Rickstones Academy to be well prepared for the challenges of life in the 21st century.

Damian Lee

It was a great honour for me to be appointed as Executive Principal of the two superb academies in Witham, one graded as good and the other outstanding by OFSTED in 2015.

Both are progressing at a pace to further improve the academic outcomes for all children and I know we will see some excellent results year on year.

However, for me, school is about so much more than just academia: it is about the happiness of both staff and students, mutual respect and a safe, caring environment.

Under the leadership of Damian Lee at New Rickstones Academy, I believe we have created a real choice for parents and their children which rivals anything in Essex.

Please visit us at anytime and have a look at the work we are doing on a daily basis.

John Szynal