Language Alive

The Play House theatre in education company was established almost 30 years ago. They provide our children with the opportunity to take part in drama activities based around a story. Our children thoroughly enjoy these half day sessions as they bring a story to life and provide children with the opportunity to express themselves.

Dates for 2017-2018:

Year 6: 25th/26th September

Year 5: 8th/9th November

Year 4: 22nd/24th May

Year 3: 7th November

Year 2: 7th/8th February

Year 1: 16th/17th May

Reception: 9th/13th February

Nursery: 15th May

Lest We Forget - Year 5

Set in Birmingham and France, Lest We Forget explores the experiences of a wounded soldier from India and his time as a patient at an army hospital set up in a local school. The drama focuses on his relationship with a Birmingham family as the war draws to its close.

Little Red Hen - Nursery

EYFS Framework - communication and language, PSE, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, expressive arts

Little Red Hen takes the children on an immersive journey around the farmyard into the traditional story. Through puppetry and games, the children get involved in helping Little Red Hen to grow grain, grind flour and make fresh bread, practicing their maths along the way. None of the other farmyard animals will help, so do they deserve to share the delicious bread the children have made? The children help write the instructions for making a loaf.

Bag of Beans - Year 1

Key themes: Maths/Numeracy, SMSC, Traditional Tales

Join Jack as he ventures up the beanstalk into the world of the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. By using their mathematical knowledge the children will be invited to investigate the world of the giant, and by undertaking challenging quests they will unlock his secrets in the hope of finding their way to his treasure. However, there are many different kinds of treasure and many different interpretations of a story. Was Jack justified in stealing from the giant and killing him after all?

This Key Stage 1 programme helps children to practice mathematical principles in practical applications and encourages the imaginative processes which are at the heart of solving many mathematical problems.

Through collective working the programme gives the children the opportunity to develop their speaking, listening skills as well as asking them to voice their own and challenge others opinions from within the drama.

Down In The Dumps

Our Year 3 and Year 4 children were chosen to take part in a new project that aims to raise awareness of 'mental health issues' and work towards reducing the stigma associated, through literacy and drama.

By The Riverside - Reception

The Suitcase In The Wardrobe

Based in the 1950s and 1960s, the story follows the experience of a young person newly arrived in Birmingham. It looks at the challenges that they faced, their achievements and sacrifices. By writing a diary in role, the children explore the significance of migrants in the history and future of Birmingham and reflect on what it takes to belong to a city and make it your home.

No Kidding

No kidding is designed to improve the quality of the children's relationships with each other, exploring friendship, co-operation and bullying. Billy and Bally are the main characters. In the best traditions of clowning, they struggle to maintain their friendship at work and play. When Billy downs tools, the children take the lead in resolving the conflict by writing a card to say sorry.

Careless Talk

Scarlett is a young member of a fictional minority community, who are being persecuted by a rival group. When her best friend is attacked, she becomes confused and upset. As she wonders what she can do to help her community, she meets someone who persuades her to consider a violent response. The children are guided through a process where they create a campaign to challenge extremist ideas and promote social responsibility, tolerance and respect.