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At Percy Shurmer and Montgomery Primary School we teach the 5 part Mastery Flow Model. This gives every child the opportunity to learn key mathematical concepts through representation and fluency at their own pace of learning, before moving onto more challenging questions.


We follow the core aims of the national curriculum for maths by ensuring that all pupils:

  • become fluent in the fundamentals of maths
  • are confident to reason mathematically
  • can apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems.

In order for us to achieve these aims, we have created a ‘Maths Change Team’. As a team, we work to improve fluency and deeper understanding of mathematical concepts through representation.

Basic Skills

We deliver maths through a combination of 4 weekly ‘basic skills’ lessons and daily maths lessons. Basic skills lessons focus on improving fluency. They are a sequence of lessons which provide the children with the foundation skills needed to be confident mathematicians and access the core areas of learning outlined in the National Curriculum.

We follow the AET Planning key units of work. We begin with a Hook, a real life video in which the children unpick mathematics all around them. We then move into the representation stage, where concrete manipulatives are used to ground the children in their understanding of a new concept. The children then move through fluency, and reasoning questions before moving onto the later stages which involve more complex mathematical problems. It is vital that we allow our children to return to the concrete manipulatives at any part of the journey.

The children have access to a number of online sites to consolidate their learning. The two we use the most and recommend you use at home are:

Mymaths -

Times Table Rockstars -