Character Education

Montgomery Celebration Evening (11/07/2017)

On Tuesday evening, children from across the school took part in a celebration evening to showcase some of their hard work from over the year. From acting to singing, the event highlighted the wonderful array of clubs our children are able to take part in and the children's hard work towards our MONTY virtues of being confident children who persevere to refine their skills and talents.

It was a wonderful event with each pupil doing themselves proud. Well done to all of those involved and here is to next year's celebration!

MONTY Virtue Focus - Community Spirit (13/06/2017)

Over this half term, as a school we will be focusing on the virtue of community spirit and what it means to be part of a community. During the half term, the children will decide on 5 things as a class they all agree to do to help show community spirit both inside and outside of school. We will also be raising money for a local charity: each class will raise money to help toward a local children's charity 'The Rainbow Trust'. Linked to our virtue, we will also be holding the summer fayre to raise money toward school funds. At the end of the half term, there will be awards given out to those children who have understood what it is to be part of a community and have been a helpful member of our school community throughout the half term.

Virtue Focus - Perseverance (26/05/2017)

Over the half term, we have been looking at the virtue of perseverance and how we must continue to work hard even when we find things a bit more difficult.

As part of our focus on perseverance, 'Perseverance awards' were given out to one child from each class who had showed this continued hard work and effort during the half term. There were some excellent examples of perseverance from children across the school and it was a real joy to share this hard work in our celebration assembly.

Below is one of our winners from Year 6, who has continued to show perseverance and worked extremely hard during SATs.

A huge well done to her and all of the other award winners for their hard work!

MONTY Virtue Focus (05/05/2017)

Over the last half term, children across the school looked at our MONTY virtue of curiosity. The children worked extremely hard, both creating and researching answers to a range of questions in class. Many year groups were also lucky enough to go on a range of trips, to help them with their research and find interesting facts out about the topics they were studying.

The focus for this half term will be perseverance. Here at MONTY we know that it is important to never give up, even when we are finding things tricky. Throughout the half term, the children will be looking at how we can show perseverance, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Thank You Letter Winners (27/03/2017)

As part of our work this year on Character education, the school have entered the Jubilee Centre's competition- 'Thank you letters'. Children of all year groups wrote letters of thanks to a variety of different people. There were some fantastic entries and all of the children should be really proud of their work.

The following children are our school winning entries.

Y1 - Abdulahe (Miss Fayaz's class) - thanking firefighters.

Y2 - Badger class letter (Y2) - thanking Dan Freedman.

Y3 - Haifa (Miss Davies' class) - thanking teachers.

Y4 - Zak ( Mrs Smith's class) - thanking Montgomery school.

Y5 - Tanim (Mrs Arkell’s class) - thanking Albert Einstein.

Y6 - Summaya (Miss Lowe’s class) - thanking her Grandma.

Y6 - Ifra Saiyyad (Miss Lowe's class) - thanking soldiers.

Well done to all of the winners. These entries will be sent off to the Jubilee Centre and they will pick their final winning entries. The winners of the competition will receive their award later on this summer.

MONTY Manners Rap (17/03/2017)

Zakaria in Year 3 has been hard at work in the studio creating the MONTY manners rap. He has worked very hard and it is now finished.

The rap will feature on all upcoming 'Monty's Voice' radio shows - be sure to listen out for it!

Monty Manners Rap Winner (17/02/2017)

Thank you to all of those children who submitted an entry into the MONTY manners rap competition. After a hard-fought vote, with over two hundred votes cast, our winner has finally been chosen.

Zakaria - Year 3.

Well done to Zakaria!

Read Zakaria's winning rap below:


We need manners in this school,


It will make us really cool.

If you see a person open the door,

Keep on using manners more and more.

We say thank you, we say please.

We don't interrupt, be mean or tease.

We don't argue and we don't fuss.

Listen to the people that are talking to us.

Always remember to take our turns,

Manners are easy-peasy to learn!

Zakaria will now go into the studio with Mr Napier to record his rap. Listen out for his finished rap on all upcoming MONTY's voice shows.

Well done to everyone who entered!

MONTY Manners Rap Vote

As part of our focus on compassion this half term, children across KS2 have been creating their very own raps. We have had lots of entries and have managed to narrow it down to a top 6.

We would like children and parents to vote on their favourite rap. The top 3 raps will then be performed and a winner decided before the end of this half term.

Please click on the link to cast your vote: Vote Here

What Is Character Education?

Character can be thought of as a set of characteristics a person has that helps guide them in the choices they make in their everyday lives.

Character education is a name given to all activities that help young people to develop these positive characteristics (these can also be known as virtues).

When thinking about character education it is important to remember a few key points:

  1. Academic achievement and character development are not two separate aspects of a person’s life. Young people cannot make great progress unless they have the right set of virtues to help them to take on the challenges faced in a much-changed curriculum.
  2. Character education helps to ensure that young people develop into well-rounded, confident, happy and resilient individuals who are able to go on to succeed.
  3. Character development is not just developed within the classroom setting. extracurricular activities( such as clubs) and home life all play a role in ensuring that children have the right set of virtues to help them in their lives.

MONTY Virtues

During 2015/16, alongside the support of the Jubilee Centre ( , staff members from both KS1 and KS2 trialled a range of different strategies looking into developing a range of virtues within our pupils. Due to the success of the trial last year, the school’s work on character is continuing to strengthen to help our pupils flourish in all aspects of their lives.

During the coming academic year, the school will focus on a particular ‘MONTY’ virtue each half term:

Autumn B- Confidence

Spring A- Compassion

Spring B- Curiosity

Summer A- Perseverance

Summer B- Community Spirit

Both staff and children will participate in a particular event aimed at promoting our MONTY virtues, alongside the range of extra-curricular clubs and the quality first teaching the children at our school experience daily.

If you’d like to read more about Character Education and it’s importance in schools, please see the following links below:

Framework for Character Education

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