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About the Greensward Charitable Trust

The Greensward Charitable Trust (GCT) was originally set up in 1996 for ‘the advancement of education and particularly assisting with the provision of facilities at the Greensward School’. From small beginnings, the Trust in 2008 sponsored the establishment of the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) and the development of Academies under the then government’s academies programme.

Today, our purpose remains the advancement of education in general, but in particular, the advancement of the education and well-being of children and young people attending any of the academies or schools operated by the AET and associated organisations—such as the London Academies Enterprise Trust (LAET). To this end, we hold the AET to account against our Moral Purpose and our Principles and Values. We also seek funding to enable us to provide grants and bursaries to individuals and organisations whose needs or purposes meet the objects of the GCT. We seek sources and matched funding to enable us to expand our charitable work for the benefit of children, young people, and their families and communities, according to our objects.