Our Policies

Please note our policies are in the PDF format. To view our online policies you require the free PDF viewer which can be found in the following link: Free PDF Reader

Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure.pdf
Term Time Leave (Pupils).pdf
SRE Policy.pdf
RE Policy.pdf
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy.pdf
Code Of Conduct.pdf
Attendance Improvement Policy.pdf
Bad Weather Policy.pdf
Anti Bullying Policy.pdf
AET SEND Policy.pdf
Complaints Policy.pdf
Behaviour Policy.pdf
DFE Keeping Children Safe In Education.pdf
Charging & Remissions Policy.pdf
Exclusion Arrangements.pdf
E-Safety Policy.pdf
Pupil Premium Policy.pdf
Health & Safety Policy.pdf
Home – Academy Agreement.pdf
No Platform Policy.pdf

Emergency Action Plan.pdf
Emergency Procedures Policy.pdf
Changing Policy.pdf
Homework Policy.pdf
Lettings Policy (Community Use).pdf
Website Policy.pdf