“Numeracy is a proficiency which is developed mainly in mathematics but also in other subjects. It is more than an ability to do basic arithmetic. It involves developing confidence and competence with numbers and measures. It requires understanding of the number system, a repertoire of mathematical techniques, and an inclination and ability to solve quantitative or spatial problems in a range of contexts. Numeracy also demands understanding of the ways in which data are gathered by counting and measuring, and presented in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables.”

(Framework for Teaching Mathematics – Years 7 to 9 – DfES)

Staff are committed to raising the standards of numeracy of all students, so that they develop the ability to use numeracy skills effectively in all areas of the curriculum and the skills necessary to cope confidently with the demands of further education, employment and adult life.

The maths department work closely with all members of the Academy to ensure that numeracy is incorporated and embedded into appropriate areas of both the curriculum and academy life. All departments see numeracy as an important and relevant element of their subject and teachers not only see themselves as subject teachers but also as teachers of numeracy.

The main priorities in terms of developing numeracy are:

  • Consistency – developing consistent approaches and strategies across the academy to optimise student capabilities.
  • Collaboration – ensuring that staff and students are aware of the appropriate opportunities, skills and levels that students should be working with.
  • Transfer of skills – delivering knowledge so that skills in numeracy can be developed and utilised all subject areas.
  • Recall and Fluency – students encounter several different initiatives that will allow them to experience and practice their numeracy in a non-classroom environment. (These may incude tutor challenges, world maths day, NSPCC number day and world Pi day.)

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