Most Able

Most Able

Department for Education Definition

“Students whose progress significantly exceeds age related expectations.”

Challenging our most able students at Maltings Academy

Here at Maltings we recognise that we have students who significantly exceed age related expectations and have the capacity to become the next generation of business, intellectual and political leaders (Ofsted, 2013). We therefore recognise the importance of supporting these students and providing them with opportunities to not only succeed but thrive and excel, which in turn creates an ethos where the learning opportunities of all are enriched.

In action, our in class differentiated provision may take the form of challenging questioning which encourages students to develop their analysis, evaluation and problem-solving skills. Providing opportunities for choice in order to create more independent, ambitious students. High quality feedback that informs progress and has a positive impact on outcomes and homework tasks that develop their knowledge and understanding further.

Our expansive enrichment activities thus far that have provided opportunities for students to extend their learning outside of the classroom include:

· The Brilliant Club. This gives students an opportunity to experience university style learning at a minimum of a key stage above where they are currently studying, in partnership with the University of Cambridge.

· STEM Club

· Weekly Revision Clubs

· Student Leadership Opportunities

· Subject Specialist Intervention Masterclasses

· The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

· World Challenge

· The Institution of Engineering and Technology Faraday Challenge

· Danbury Revision Weekend with The Science Department in May

· External Speakers

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