Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning remains a high priority for Maltings Academy and a programme for development has been produced to ensure that students are given a learning experience that is both varied and engaging.

At Maltings Academy we pride ourselves on the excellence of our teaching. When Ofsted visited during March 2015 they graded us as outstanding.

Within the classroom our students can expect an individualised approach based on their learning capabilities, taking into account their preferred learning styles. Our students enjoy opportunities to work as a part of groups as well as developing their own independent learning skills. We are able to provide this individualised approach through our effective assessment of our students’ capabilities.

Demanding targets are set which challenge our students and encourage them to strive to achieve their best and more. Beyond the classroom, our students are provided with an extensive range of opportunities and we encourage everyone to participate in extra curricular activities according to their talents and interests. From chess to trampolining, dance to IT there is an activity to inspire every child. We aim to develop our students morally, spiritually, physically and socially as part of the all-round high quality educational experience we are delivering to all students who attend the Academy. Much of our success depends upon appropriate curricula, informed by current knowledge and best practice. We aim to meet the needs of every student through our range of vocational through to highly academic courses, and through our Most Able programme to our learning support provision.

Our specialisms of sport and science provide opportunities for every student to develop their potential. Our aim is to equip them for the demands of the 21st century by creating happy, confident young people. We encourage creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching.

James Forbes

Head of Academy

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