Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Maltings Academy

The Academy places great emphasis on student voice. The Academy runs student representative committees which have a staff facilitator, student leads and deputy leads. These committees are based around the Academy key drivers:

  1. Pride

  2. Relisilence

  3. Empathy

  4. Responsibility

  5. Creativity

The Senior leadership team is made up of 2 Head students and 5 deputies (one for each area) each deputy then leads a team on projects within their chosen key driver made up of students from across the Academy.

The whole Academy council is made up of representatives from each student representative committee and year group and meetings are held with Mr Ambrose along with year group meetings led by each Student Progress Leader.

Head Students and Senior leadership team

Congratulations to Esmiralda and Brandon, our Head Students.

Deputies: Esha (Empathy) Ronnie (Responsibility) Lucy (Creativity) Kate (Resilience) and Kymberly (Pride).