Student Careers

Careers and Higher Education

At Maltings Academy our aim is to help you through the challenge of deciding a career, providing an independent and comprehensive careers guidance service for students seeking information on school leaver employment and further study.

Careers lead: Mr S Hankinson

Independent Careers Advisor: Mr S Cooper

Mission Statement

Maltings Academy Careers aims to facilitate the transition from education to further education and employment whilst supporting the development of life skills required to build, grow, and maintain, fulfilling careers To be the main provider of careers advice and guidance in the academy and enable all students to make well informed choices about their future. We aim to:

  • Foster partnerships with local, national and global organisations and businesses to enhance student opportunities.
  • Source and provide up-to-date information about occupations, fields of work, courses, work experience opportunities and research organisations.
  • Help students understand and develop the necessary skills to equip them for whatever career path they choose.
  • Provide opportunities for students to understand their competencies, aspirations and options through a variety of means, including personal discussion with professional advisers.
  • Promote the exchange of ideas between members of the academy and representatives of other organisations on matters affecting the employment of our students.
  • Provide our services impartially, confidentially, efficiently and free from discrimination, adhering to national codes of good practice and professional standards.
  • Recruit, train and develop staff at all levels, to enable these aims and objectives to be met.

In conjunction with tutors, the staff of the Careers Department prepares Maltings Academy students for life after school by running courses for specific year groups, organising suitable events and encouraging in our pupils independence of thought and action. Although the majority of pupils from the school apply to a university or apprenticeships, no young person should feel they are on a ‘production line’, and the processes of discernment and decision-making are nurtured in many different contexts of school life.

If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your career, please email

September Guarantee

The September Guarantee is a guarantee of an offer, made by the end of September, of an

appropriate place in post-16 education or training for every young person completing compulsory

education. Ensuring that every young person has an offer of a place to progress onto is particularly

important as it helps young people make a seamless transition into post-16 learning or

employment with training.

The September Guarantee is supported by good quality information, advice and guidance. This

can come from a number of sources which include:

 Teachers

 Parents and family friends

 Careers Coordinators and Guidance Advisers

 On-line and printed information about courses, progression routes and employment routes

What does the Guarantee offer?

The September Guarantee is an offer of a place in one of the following:

 A school sixth form

 A college of further education

 Employment with training to at least level 2

 An apprenticeship

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Key Stage 3

Year 7:

First impressions


Team building

Using email

Employer Engagement

Understanding choice

Year 8:

CV building

Job information

Career pathways

Options choices

Employer Engagement

Key Stage 4

Year 9:

Career profiles

Labour market information


CV building

Employer Engagement

Year 10 and Year 11:

Mock interviews

CV building

Applications and cover letters

Employer Engagement

Post 16 options

Key Stage 5

Year 12:

Employability for Life Charter Plus

UCAS & employment search support

Year 13:

UCAS applications

Mock interviews

CV building

Cover letter workshops

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