KS4 Results 2019

Maltings Academy students and staff are celebrating another year of success as the GCSE results are released.

The school, part of Academies Enterprise Trust, in Witham, has seen a rise in the number of students achieving the top grade 9 – almost double the number seen last year.

A total of 62 per cent of students achieved a grade 5 – considered a strong pass nationally – or higher in English, with 76 per cent scoring a grade 4 – a pass – or higher in the subject.

In maths, 66 per cent of students picked up a grade 4 or higher.

High achieving students this year include –

Jude Thorne - five 9's, one 8, two 6's, one A* and one Distinction*

Lily Sledge - three 9's, five 8's and one 7

Thomas Ikel - three 9's, three 8's, two 7's and one Distinction*

Leo McGurk - one 9, seven 8's and one Merit

William Hampshire - one 9, four 8's, three 7's, one 6 and one Distinction*

Kerry Searle - one 9, three 8's, three 7's and two 6's

Rachel Lee - one 9, two 8s, five 7s, one 6 and one Distinction*

Summer Knight - one 9, one 8, three 7's, three 6s and one C

Sophie Jarvis - one 9, one 8, two 7's, three 6's, two 5's

Charlotte Webb - one 9, one 8, one 7, five 6's and one 5

Robyn Babbs - five 8's, one 7, one 6, one Distinction and one Merit.

Lucy Upson - five 8's, three 7's and one 6

The school is also proud of the levels of achievement in Spanish, fine art, photography, music and PE.

Headteacher Emma Baker said:

“The success we have seen this year is testament to the dedication and hard work of the students and staff, underpinned by the support of parents and carers.

“These results demonstrate the wonderful ability of our students and will allow them to go on to lead remarkable lives.”