Maltings Academy uniform is available from either Personalise (online or in-store) Brigade Uniform Direct (online only), with the exception of ties, which must be bought from the Academy.

Only items with logos or Maltings Academy designed items e.g. blazers, coats (reversible fleece jackets) and rugby sports-tops need be bought from one of the suppliers above. All other items i.e. boys shirts, girls revere collar blouses, trousers and skirts, can be bought at retail outlets elsewhere.

Key Stages 3 and 4

To create a sense of identity and belonging to the Maltings community and to alleviate the pressures of keeping up with changes in fashion, all students in Key Stages 3 and 4 must wear full Academy uniform. This must be adhered to throughout the timetabled day as well as whilst travelling to and from the Academy.


  • Black trousers (not skinny trousers or black jeans)
  • White shirt
  • Black socks
  • Sensible black shoes (not boots, trainers, plimsolls or casual shoes)
  • Academy tie (available only from the academy)
  • Academy coat (or any other plain black coat)
  • Academy blazer


  • Black trousers or plain black skirt of suitable length (not leggings, skinny trousers or black jeans)
  • White rever collared blouse
  • Black ankle socks or black or flesh coloured tights
  • Sensible black shoes (not boots, trainers, plimsolls or casual shoes)
  • Academy coat (or any other plain black coat)
  • Academy blazer

PE Kit - Boys and Girls

  • Black shorts
  • Black tracksuit trousers
  • Black and red rugby top
  • White t-shirt or polo shirt
  • Trainers
  • Black long sports socks (winter outdoor sports)
  • White short socks (indoor sports)

No jewellery on the grounds of health and safety (except for a watch and one small stud in the lobe of each ear. Piercings in the tragus or the upper cartilage of the ear are not allowed). Nose studs, tongue studs and other facial piercings are not allowed.

As with all decisions regarding uniform, the Academy has the right to make the final decision regarding whether a particular item of jewellery complies with the policy.

Key Stage 5

Sixth Form students follow a dress code rather than wear a uniform. Clothes should be smart at all times and suitable for an indoor, academic working environment. There should be no low cut tops or very short skirts. Boys should not wear sleeveless t-shirts or vests. Extremes of fashion must be avoided. Coats, scarves, hats and gloves must not be worn around the academy.

Maltings Academy makes the final decision as to what is or is not acceptable in all respects of a student’s appearance.

See our statutory information page for the full Maltings Academy Uniform Policy.