The restaurant is open 06.00 to 18.00 daily with our Executive Chef and his team providing breakfast service, all day cafe and after school service.

The menu offers a fantastic selection of freshly prepared food daily on a three week rotation. You can even order a take-away for two or more from the chef which can be collected on any day before 6pm.

Food Allergens and Intolerance Policy

Our Approach

Our approach to food is to expand on the taste experiences of our customers. We rely on the use of a wide range of fresh local foods prepared from scratch and as such our kitchens contain allergens.

The kitchen is an environment where food allergens are present and these allergens maybe found in the dishes that we serve.

We have provided an ‘Allergens Guidance and Information (The Food Information Regulations 2014)’ document which provides all customers with guidance on 14 allergenic ingredients that may be found in dishes offered on our 3 week menu cycle. This document is displayed in the restaurant for reference and basic allergen information.

For anyone who has a severe food allergen or intolerance, we ask that you seek further advice from the Cucina Executive Chef on site. Our Executive Chef will be able to provide guidance on foods that may/ may not be suitable for someone with a food allergen or intolerance.

No allergen guidance has been provided for Theme Day dishes, Chef Specials, Soup, Salads, Sushi, Sandwich Specials or locally added dishes. However, upon request, our Executive Chef will be able to provide details and confirmation on allergenic ingredients that may be present in these dishes.

Any guidance required on allergenic ingredients that maybe found in pre-packed drinks or other items can be found on the manufacturers packaging, and we ask customers to refer to the manufacturers’ label. Hot drinks and Fruit Slush ingredients can be provided by our Executive Chef upon request.

If any customer or their guardian is aware of any food allergen or intolerance of a potential customer, please make us and our clients aware of it, in writing.

(Full information on allergens is available in the PDF below.)

Cucina Allergies Poster.pdf
Free School Meal Posters (003).pdf