Examination Results

GCSE Results August 2019

Maltings Academy students and staff are celebrating another year of success that has seen exceptional subject performances across the curriculum combined with a number of remarkable individual achievements. Notably, the Academy saw a rise in the number of students achieving the top grade which almost doubled from the previous year.

The Academy is delighted with the 2019 results which continues a strong trend in English and Mathematics with 62% of students achieving a Grade 5 or higher in English. Both English and Mathematics performed well in comparison to the National Average for 2018 with over 76% of students achieving a Grade 4 or higher in English and 66% in Maths.

A number of subjects across the curriculum have produced superb results including Spanish, Fine Art, Photography, Music and PE who all secured excellent levels of achievement with their percentages of grade 5 and above.

There have also been a number of fantastic individual results including:-

Jude Thorne - 5 9s, 1 8, 2 6s, 1 A* and 1 Dist*

Lily Sledge - 3 9s, 5 8s, 1 7

Thomas Ikel - 3 9s, 3 8s, 2 7s and 1 Dist*

Leo McGurk - 1 9, 7 8s, 1 Merit

William Hampshire - 1 9, 4 8s, 3 7s, 1 6 and 1 Dist*

Kerry Searle - 1 9, 3 8s, 3 7s, 2 6s

Rachel Lee - 1 9, 2 8s, 5 7s, 1 6 and 1 Dist*

Summer Knight - 1 9, 1 8, 3 7s, 3 6s and C

Sophie Jarvis - 1 9, 1 8, 2 7s, 3 6s, 2 5s

Charlotte Webb - 1 9, 1 8, 1 7, 5 6s, 1 5

Robyn Babbs - 5 8s, 1 7, 1 6, 1 Dist & 1 Merit.

Lucy Upson - 5 8s, 3 7s, 1 6

Headteacher Emma Baker said “The success we have seen this year is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students and staff, underpinned by the support of the parents and carers. These results demonstrate the wonderful ability of our students and will allow them to go on to lead remarkable lives.”

Key Stage 5 - Witham Sixth Forms

Witham Sixth Forms, comprising of students from both Maltings Academy and New Rickstones Academy, are extremely proud of the class of 2019 who achieved 64% A*-C/Distinction*- Merit in this year’s Post 16 results.

We are particularly pleased with the dramatic improvement seen in A Level Geography and BTEC Health & Social Care and the continued success in Business and Finance. Whilst the outstanding progress in BTEC Sport saw 89% of the students studying this subject achieving the very best grades of Distinction or Distinction Star.

Special mention to the following students for their outstanding results;

Sophia Cook A*, A, A, B, - Warwick to study Maths

Harriet Hibberd, A, Distinction*, Merit, - Manchester Met to study Art History

Michael Ritchie, A, A, C, D, - Birmingham to study maths and physics

Charlotte Faram, Distinction*, Distinction*, B, C, - London Institute of banking to study finance

Thomas Zaidi, Distinction*, Distinction*, Distinction* - Employment

Emma Stone, Distinction*, Distinction*, Distinction, - Employment

Vincent Bell, Distinction*, Distinction, Distinction, - Employment

Hannah Morgan, Distinction*, B, C. - ARU to study primary education

Jakub Drewart, B, B, C - Queen Mary to study pharmacology

Samee Abderraziq, A, B, C, - Lincoln to study maths and physics

"Congratulations on the positive results achieved. They are a reflection of the hardwork and dedication of both the students and staff. These results will see our students accessing the right Universities, apprenticeships or employment for them which is one of our core aims and we are thrilled that the number of students gaining a place at University has increased by 23% in 2019 to 60%. We pride ourselves on offering the correct courses for the young people of Witham to ensure they are well equipped to go on to lead remarkable lives."

Debbie Kershaw

Director of Witham Sixth Forms

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