Examination Results

Examination Results

Maltings Academy students are celebrating personal triumphs as they open their exam results. The 2017 summer exam season saw students sitting the new Grade 9-1 GCSEs for the first time in Maths and English. Staff worked incredibly hard to prepare students for examinations that no one had sat or seen.

The Maths and English GCSEs were new exams with different content and exam paper styles. The new 9-1 numerical grades do not map across in a simple way to the A*-G grades. This dramatic break from what has gone before means that any comparison of this year’s GCSE Maths and English scores with previous years is meaningless. The headline figures incorporating Maths and English grades that schools have quoted in the past consequently cannot be used again. However the Academy are really pleased with the English and Maths results. They are as follows:

9-4 English and Maths basic measure is 61%, 9-5 is 39%. The English (best) 9-5 is 52%, 9-4 is 69%, Maths 9-5 is 47% and 9-4 70%.

The 9-1 grades that students have achieved in Maths and English and the A*-G grades for their other subjects will be used by the Department of Education to calculate Attainment 8 and Progress 8 figures for all schools. These will be available some time in the Autumn term.

The Academy was particularly pleased with the success of students in Science with 100% of students taking Triple Science, achieving 3 GCSE grades A*-C and 79% achieving A*-C for Science (Additional). GCSE French also shone with 77% of students achieving A*-C, highlighting why the subject area continues to grow in size. There were also marked improvements in Computing, Catering and Media, where subjects raised their overall attainment by over 20%. The superb consistency of Art & Design (82% A*-C), Photography (90% A*-C), Music (100% A*-C) and Hair & Beauty (93% A*-C) continued and highlighted the Academies strength across the curriculum.

Alfred Wilson 6 A* (1 GCSE grade 9 and 2 GCSEs grade 8)

Matthew Urbas 5 A*; 1 Distinction*; 2 A (2 GCSEs grade 9 and 1 GCSE grade 8)

Megan Driscoll 2 A*; 4 A (1 GCSE grade 8, 7 & 6)

Harry Ikel 2 A*; 1 Distinction*; 3 A; 1 B (3 GCSEs grade 8)

Sophie Ireland 2 A*; 3 A; 1 B (2 GCSEs grade 8 and 1 GCSE grade 7)

Georgia Hill 1 A*; 5 A (1 GCSE grade 9 and 2 GCSEs grade 7)

Alex Barber 1 A*; 3 A; 2 B (1 GCSE grade 8 and 2 GCSEs grade 7)

Sydney King 6 A (2 GCSEs grade 7 and 1 GCSE grade 6)

Megan Clarke 1 A*; 2 A; 2 B; 1 C (1 GCSE grade 7 and 2 GCSEs grade 6)

Leonard Opone 1 A*; 3 A; 1 Distinction; 2 B (1 GCSE grade 8 and 2 GCSEs grade 6)

Rebecca Warner 5 A; 1 Distinction; 1 B (1 GCSE grade 7, 6 and 5)

Matthew Russell 5 A; 1 C (1 GCSE grade 8 and 2 GCSEs grade 7)

Thomas Driver 4 A; 1 B; 1 C (1 GCSE grade 8 and 2 GCSEs grade 6)

Daniel Barber 4 A; 1 C (3 GCSEs grade 7)

Jack Wilson 1 Distinction*; 3 A; 3 B (1 GCSE grade 7, 6 and 5)

Natalia Foltys 4 A; 2 B; 1 C (1 GCSE grade 6 and 2 GCSEs grade 5)

Emma Wotton 3 A; 3 B (2 GCSEs grade 7 and 1 GCSE grade 6)

Georgina Driver 2 A; 3 B; 1 C (1 GCSE grade 8 and 2 GCSEs grade 7)

Emma Baker Head of Academy said, “We are really pleased with the students' results this year, despite the significant changes they have performed extremely well. This is a testament to the staff, students and parents/carers.”

Key Stage 5

Delighted students from Witham Sixth Form are looking forward to bright futures after picking up their A-level results. More students than ever from the combined Maltings and New Rickstones Academies are being offered university places. A total of 53% of students’ A-level results were between the top grades of A* and C. 70% of the combined results in both A-level subjects and other equivalents were A* to C grade.

Debbie Kershaw, Director of Witham Sixth Forms, said, “At Witham Sixth Forms, we are pleased with our students’ results which are testament to their hard work and determination. This is reflected in an increased number of university places being offered. We pride ourselves on offering the correct courses for the young people of Witham, so we are especially happy with the results of the applied courses. These results will see our students accessing the right universities or employment for them which is what we are about. As the exam boards have stated, the pass grades are now more difficult to achieve and, with that in mind, we are really pleased with these outcomes.”

Some amazing student achievements in particular are James Collier, with a soon-to-be Bank of England apprentice achieving two A*s and two As and Katie Osbourne starting a new London accounting apprenticeship, achieving two As and a B.

The Sixth Form noted a marked movement towards more applied courses and results in these were impressive. 100% of the grades were A* to C in the applied courses for Level 3 BTEC qualifications such as Business Studies, ICT, Sport, Performing Arts, Media and Personal Business Finance. Lucky Tshielo and Elisha Lacey both excelled at their BTEC courses achieving two distinctions stars and a distinction.

For more information on 2017 progress data see the DfE's website.

Progress 8 2017 -0.21

Attainment 8 2017 42.9

Previous Results

Previous results are also available from the DfE's website.

View the 2016 summary of results.

Progress 8 score: 0.04

Attainment 8 score: 48.87

EBac achieved: 2%

EBac entered: 3%

We have received the national data from the Government. I am pleased to say that Maltings Academy has been ranked in the top 10 for achievement, compared to similar schools. This is a fantastic success for the students and staff. The Essex Commissioner has also written to us recently in praise of the Academy's wonderful result. It is nice to be recognised for the work that goes on in the Academy.

E Baker

Destination Figures (2016)

96.55% went on to education, employment and training.