At Maltings Academy we offer students a curriculum that allows them to have access to a broad range of subjects as well as opportunities to be challenged but also succeed.

Our Key stage 4 curriculum commences in Year 9, allowing students to gain key skills and knowledge before commencing their examination courses in Year 10. PHSEE is delivered through a Life Skills programme through Years 7 to 11.

At Key Stage 3 we offer more able students an opportunity to study an additional language and students who require additional help in their transition from the primary to secondary curriculum targeted support through our Rapid Progress provision. To allow students an opportunity to pursue their own particular interests we also offer Year 7 and 8 students our Extended Enterprise Learning programme (or EELs). This particularly popular part of the curriculum gives students a choice including Ball Skills, Hairdressing, Performing Arts and Digital Applications.

To find out more about a specific subject, please use the links below.