About Us - Remarkable Lives

Vision, Mission, Values.

As an AET academy, at Maltings Academy our mission is pure and simple: to enable our pupils to lead remarkable lives. This is the golden thread that binds us all together – the reason that despite our very different paths to Maltings Academy, we are all part of one family.


At Maltings Academy we want each and every child inspired to choose a Remarkable Life.


To gather and motivate inspirational people committed to delivering an excellent education that launches children into remarkable lives.



As an AET academy, we choose to be unusually brave. We're not afraid to challenge wrongs, to make the right call, even when it's both unusual and difficult to do so.


We are on the search for discovering what's possible. At Maltings Academy we look to create 'eureka moments' for our students, helping them discover a world of possibilities and opportunities.


We always strive to push the limits. We don't settle for less than excellent and we won't allow our students to either. We resolve to overcome any self-imposed limits.


At Maltings Academy we commit to being big-hearted. We choose to treat each other with kindness, warmth and care, believing that everybody matters and believing in one another.

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Key Objectives

1 – To maintain Outstanding in all areas of the Academy

To sustain our ethos of care within a culture of professional development in which all learners thrive. To ensure that our Ofsted grading remains as Outstanding and the Sixth Form judgement moves from Good to Outstanding.

2 – To attain Teaching School Status and National Leader in Education status to support other schools

The creation of a self–sustaining teaching school, sharing best practice and collaborating effectively with other schools/links.

3 – Raising Standards and Accelerating Progress

To give all students the opportunity and encouragement to reach their full potential by raising standards in all areas of learning, challenging students to progress and be fully inclusive. Ensuring we build on their confidence and aspirations.

4 – Growing the Sixth Form

To grow the student numbers in the Sixth Form to reach full capacity. This will enable a wider and more attractive curriculum to be offered to students from within the Witham catchment area and beyond and ensure students are on the right courses.

5 – To establish Maltings Academy as an integral part of the community

To integrate Maltings Academy within the community by working with selected voluntary and charitable groups as well as the public and private sectors to jointly enhance outcomes for the benefit of the community.

6 – Sustainability

To maintain into the future an outstanding school that is financially viable, attracts and retains the best teachers, staff and governors whilst ensuring that the fabric and fittings of the school are of the highest standards.

7 - Health and Safety

To provide a high level of safety and wellbeing and continually review and audit our performance to ensure our facilities are always an outstanding environment in which to study, work and visit

Agenda item 6- Equality Objectives - Maltings Academy