At Lea Forest, reading is given a central role in the curriculum and is given the highest priority. Reading is taught in all of our classes with help from ‘Resilient Reader’.

Resilient Reader provides a consistent approach to teach reading across the whole of our school. All children including nursery are introduced to ‘Resilient Reader,’ a fictional superhero who holds the ‘power’ of being a successful reader in his hands. Children in Foundation stage are introduced and encouraged to use their ‘left hand’ to get a ‘gist of a story’. These include who, what, where, when and why questions. KS1 and KS2 pupils first use the left hand to gather an understanding of what is happening. Their ‘Right hand’ helps them focus of specific skills essential for been a successful reader. Children are taught to use their fingers to help them find, compare, explain, infer and predict.

We supplement our reading with a whole variety of books, films, pictures some chosen by the teacher to support a child, and some as a free choice for children.

Initially, children read individually so that their early reading skills can be closely monitored. They also have a whole class reading session focusing on developing basic comprehension skills.

Whole class reading sessions continue throughout the school to ensure pupils become fluent and competent readers. We aim to ensure pupils develop a critical appreciation of the work of authors and poets and also develop their research skills across the curriculum. Pupils have access to a wide range of carefully structured texts, adverts, short video clips and photographs.

We have invested heavily in developing our reading materials as we want our children to develop a genuine love of reading. Pupils in KS2 also make use of our IPads and the reading app ‘Accelerated Reader’ to help engage and foster a love of reading from an early age.

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful library that is staffed by a qualified librarian. All year groups have a timetabled library session each week. The library is also open after school every Thursday to parents and children. Each classroom has It’s own book corner with a variety of fiction and non-fiction books for children to choose from.

Children are expected to return their home reading book daily. The expectation is that children read at home at least 3 times a week, which allows both Teacher and Parent to comment in their Reading Record. There are daily rewards for children that have read.

- Updated January 2019 -