At Lea Forest we celebrate and embrace our diverse cultures through the recognition of faiths and beliefs, as well as participating in religious festivals. We are a Birmingham EAL hub with pupils and staff who are resilient, innovative, respectful, independent and have high aspirations.

The Learning Village is used with all pupils learning English to support survival and developing language enabling our EAL learners to grow and succeed.

The Learning Village is an online teaching tool and learning aid for children who are learning English.

It is a progressive programme that allows children to learn vocabulary and sentence structures via survival language, phonics and curriculum sessions, through the recognition of images, sight vocabulary and audio.

Our children visit the village weekly in school through additional focused lessons and daily to pre-learn topical vocabulary and concepts. In addition, many of our children use the village daily at home taking ownership of their own learning.

Our EAL Hub is a literacy enriched environment. It supports our EAL children in learning survival language and sentence structures through personalised and engaging lessons in order to gain personal experiences to learn English as an additional language.

Updated December 2017