The Learning Mentor Team

The Learning Mentor Role

The aim of this guide is to provide a brief overview of the Learning Mentor role and to ensure all parents are aware of what we have to offer.

The Learning Mentor functions have many parts, but the key aim is to support pupils and students of all ages and abilities to achieve their potential.

We liaise closely with teachers and other school staff to address the needs of certain children who require assistance in overcoming barriers to learning. We bridge academic and pastoral support roles to ensure that individual pupils engage more effectively in learning and participating in the life of the school.

Learning mentors need to be flexible in managing their caseloads and liaising with all those involved with a child. Therefore we are not based within the confines of one classroom but have a role throughout the school

Our Learning Mentor Booklet explains our role in greater detail and how we can help support you and your child during their time at Lea Forest.

We can be called upon to deal with unexpected matters and situations, before, during and after school.

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Point of contact:

Mr I Wills-

Senior Learning Mentor Attendance Lead and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Mrs E Tarrant-

Learning Mentor Autism and Transition Lead

Mr L Comrie-

Learning Mentor and Behaviour Lead

Updated December 2017