Across the Academic Year we provide a range of clubs for children to participate in. These clubs run either at lunchtime or after school led my members of staff from Lea Forest.

Clubs that have been available over the course of the year include:

Please note that due to COVID restrictions we are not currently able to run our breakfast club, if you require support with please contact our pastoral team on 0121 675 3985.

· Breakfast Club: This is provided free of charge for up to 120 pupils every morning. It is supported by the Magic Breakfast Scheme who provide breakfast cereals, juices and bagels free of charge, with staffing being funded through the Pupil Premium Payment. Breakfast Club aims to ensure that all children start the day with a healthy breakfast. A range of sporting and non-sporting activities are available during Breakfast Club. Parents need to book their child’s place at Breakfast Club each term.

· Newspaper Club: This runs at lunchtimes during the Spring and Summer Terms, with the children creating a school newspaper which is sold around school.

· Choir: The school has a talented choir that has performed alongside other schools at a number of events in 2017.

· Gardening Club: Gardening Club runs every Thursday after school. Children come with their parents to learn about gardening and create lots of garden based crafts. In the Autumn term we have prepared the allotment beds, made mini composters and created lots of products to sell at our school Christmas fair. We are also planted lots of bulbs around the library and allotments so our school will be really colourful next year. In the Spring term we will be planning our planting for the year and starting to sow seeds indoors.

· Recorder Club: Recorder Club runs in the Summer Term at Lunchtimes. The school have a set of recorders which the children can borrow.

· Lunchtime Reading Club: A ‘Reading for Pleasure’ group runs at lunchtimes on a Monday. The Group is aimed at older readers who enjoy meeting as a small group to discuss all kinds of reading for pleasure. The following is a brief overview of some of the things covered during the last academic year (2016/2017):

o Discussing favourite authors/genres and any reading for pleasure completed during the week

o Exploring what 'hooks' a reader in and makes a reader want to read or not read.

o Celebrated 'National Storytelling Week' (W/C 30th Jan 2017) by reading aloud and telling our own stories.

o Celebrated 'World Book Day' by finding and reading out inspirational reading quotes.

o Celebrated 'World Poetry Day' by reading out rhymes from 'Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes'

o Used puppets to re-create/adapt famous stories, eg, The Gruffalo Who Came to Tea! and The Gruffalo Meets a Flying Witch'!!

o Writing short story and acting them out.

· Library Club: Library opens after school Tuesdays and Thursday 3.30-4.15. Children come along with their parents and they share stories. They are able to sign out their favourite book and return it the following week.

· Maths Extension Club: Talented mathematicians in year 2 are invited to join a maths club at lunchtimes extending their mathematical thinking and mastery.

· Sports Clubs: A range of sports clubs /tournaments run after school each week and include, over the year

o Boys football

o Girls football

o Basketball

o Dodgeball

o Archery

o Hockey

o Multi Skills

o Tails

o Dance

o Athletics

o Circus Skills

The school take part in cross-school sports tournaments, competing with great success in a number of leagues and competitions

Updated March 2020