Year 6 2019 - 2020 Autumn Term


Through this topic, we aim to develop the children’s understanding of forensic science and the life of a spy. They begin by exploring inheritance and adaptation, creating self-portraits and exploring the artwork of portrait artists. As the topic progresses, they then delve deeper into forensic science techniques, codes and ciphers and own their identity in an ever-evolving world.

NC topics: Inheritance; Identity; Genetics; Values and beliefs

Develop children’s knowledge of classification and inheritance with our pre-planned and comprehensively resourced science project, ID. This Year 6 project helps children explore human identity, genetic characteristics, family traits and their own values and beliefs.

Subject focus: Science, English.

Also covered: Art and design; Computing; Design and technology; Geography; History; Mathematics; Music; Physical education; PSHE.

Curriculum Map


Unit Overview

Unit Overview Sheet ID_Yr6.pdf

Updated October 2019