Virtual Learning - Our Journey So Far

At Lea Forest Primary Academy, we are constantly pushing our limits to discover what is possible and the challenges that 2020 have presented us with hasn't stopped our children learning.

At Lea Forest we:

  • Deployed a virtual school utilising our Google For Education Platform

This includes the use of google classroom and the g suite apps. Allowing children to produce work on a range of devices at home.

  • Deployed Chromebooks, Tablets and Mifi hubs to families who required support.
  • Made full use of our Trust's Innovaetor and Curriculum Networks to deliver live and prerecorded sessions for students and staff.
  • Made full use of all of our communication tools and social media channels to continue communicating with our community during lock down.
  • Deployed our range of subscribed third party resources including MYON, Accelerated Reader, DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish, Learning Village and BugClub and made them fully available to parents to support learning at home.
  • Launched our very own Podcast channel
  • learnt from constant feedback from all stakeholders and added improvements to the site quickly to ensure we could support all children effectively.

We are continuing to support our community and ensure that even though our building is physically closed learning is taking place.

Where do we go from here: Our Road to Recovery


  1. Environment: Entering, Hygiene and Exits
  2. Learning: Signal, Pause, Insist
  3. Celebrate: Affirm


  1. Classroom Interaction: Teacher:Student / Peer:Peer
  2. Positive Framing: Warm, supportive, welcoming
  3. Clear Expectations: Relationships Policy


Check for understanding of Spring term and Autumn term topics

  1. Questioning: Tell me / Show me what you did
  2. Break it down: Tell me your knowledge and skills


Learning Goals by the end of the Summer term

  1. Look back: What are the gaps from Autumn / Spring
  2. Look forwards: Key Knowledge by skills and Summer


Guided Practice: Focus on very specific knowledge and skills

  1. Build Up Confidence: Check and reteach as required
  2. Step It Up: Can you do it confidently? Apply it?

Updated June 2020