Our Teaching & Learning Standard

The Lea Forest Learning and Learning Standard


Class teaching, provision and learning practice is Quality Assured against the ‘Lea Forest Teaching and Learning Standard’. The standard provides a common framework which enables all Teaching and Learning to be consistently monitored, scrutinised and developed. It also provides a common and consistent framework around which Teaching and Learning discussions can take place. We believe consistent delivery of the Lea Forest T&L Standard over time will lead to outstanding student outcomes.


  • To ensure consistently ‘great’ standards of teaching and learning across each area of the school
  • To provide a clear, consistent and cohesive support mechanism for all teachers
  • To offer a common framework for measuring accountability and performance


Our Lea Forest Standard is based around the principals of consistency and excellent practice - it exists to provide a secure springboard from which to extend the teacher’s knowledge and skillset.

We fully recognise that the best teaching is non-prescriptive and our model encourages the use of independence, creativity, collaboration and expression to ensure our teachers not only excel in what they do but that they genuinely enjoy their work.

The Lea Forest Teaching and Learning Standard.pdf

Updated November 2019