Identifying Needs

At Lea Forest Primary Academy we have adopted a whole-school approach to SEN policy and practice.

Teacher observation and assessment, class screening, monitoring and parental concerns are all vital in the identification of particular needs. Initial concerns are raised by use of the school’s internal referral form which must be submitted electronically to the SENCo.

Issues are addressed and regular monitoring takes place and either the child’s needs are provided for by teacher intervention or the child progresses through to School Action and School Action Plus of the Code of Practice. The children’s progress is reviewed a minimum of twice yearly at the SEN Review Meetings.

In this way the school ensures that all children have access to an appropriate curriculum at all times in their school life at Lea Forest.

An SEN register will be maintained including all children at every stage of the Code of Practice.

Parents first point of contact should always by the class teacher if they are unreachable an appointment to discuss your child's need should be made with Mrs C Law SENCo.

Parental concerns are addressed whenever they arise and are always given a high priority. With parental permission, additional screening procedures may be used for individual children and are performed or directed by a number of possible outside agencies including the following:

  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Pupil and School Support Service
  • Behaviour Support Service
  • School Nurse
  • Communication and Autism Team
  • ADHD Nurse Specialist Team
  • Speech and Language Therapy Team

Lea Forest Primary Academy also has good links with a number of other agencies that can support the inclusion of children with special educational needs.

Updated December 2017