Religious Education

Here at Lea Forest, we are following the Discovery RE scheme of works. It is an exciting and engaging scheme which is enquiry based rather than the traditional formulaic lessons of the past. Children discuss different values and ideas and lead the learning from the initial enquiry. Each module is based on a question pertinent to the religion being studied. The children then draw on their own experiences to help them understand how and why different beliefs are followed. This allows the children to identify with differing ideas based on their own lives, making it more accessible and relevant to them.

For each year group, there are six enquiry modules based on the six principle religions. Christianity is taught as two of these units each year with the others varying slightly from year to year. This builds up a good understanding of all the different religions over the years in a progressive way. Our school is multi-cultural and this scheme helps us to encourage a positive attitude to different religions and beliefs.

The scheme provides lessons from EYFS right up to Year 6 and supports British values, anti-radicalisation, critical thinking and growth mind-set.

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Updated December 2019