Relationship Education

“RSE gives young people essential skills for building positive, enjoyable, respectful and non-exploitive relationships and staying safe both off and online.” (PSHE association and Sex Education Forum 2014)

Our RSE Curriculum

Relationship and Sexual Education (SRE) at Lea Forest Primary Academy aims to support children throughout their time at the academy and beyond.

The overarching aim is that good quality RSE keeps children safe and protects children from harm. It is clear that lack of quality RSE leaves pupils vulnerable to abuse and exploitation (Ofsted 2013). It helps Lea Forest to fulfil its duties to protect, safeguard and promote the well-being of their pupils. A comprehensive programme of RSE provides accurate information about the body, reproduction, sex and sexual health.

Values and attitudes

  • Develop self-esteem
  • Value themselves and others, recognising and respecting others’ ideas and views
  • Understand the importance of respect, love, and care within friendships, relationships, and within the family unit

Knowledge and understanding

  • Understand that there are a number of different relationships and be able to recognise positive relationships
  • Have an understanding of safe and unsafe situations, and the right to feel and be safe
  • Have the correct terminology to talk about their bodies
  • Be able to keep themselves clean and healthy
  • Be aware of their own bodies and understand and be prepared for the physical and emotional changes that happen to them as they grow up
  • Understand how babies are conceived and develop
  • Have an understanding of the responsibilities of parenthood


  • Keep themselves safe and be able to ask for help in the different situations they may face
  • Use knowledge and skills to make informed choices
  • Have the communication and negotiation skills they need to act upon the choices they make
  • Have the skills necessary to deal with situations involving peer pressure
  • Form positive relationships

Emotional Understanding

  • Understand, talk about, and deal positively with their emotions, feelings and beliefs, and those of others

Moral and Values framework

  • We work together to create an environment where every child and adult feels safe, happy, and valued.
  • We support children to become more motivated, responsible, independent and self-disciplined members of society with respect for their multi cultural environment
  • We believe that the RSE programme in the academy supports our values and ethos

Equal opportunities

It is intended that the academy’s SRE policy and programme will reflect the ethos of the academy, by providing a secure, inclusive, non-judgemental environment in which to learn. Therefore, no child or family will be discriminated against on grounds of race, gender, health, ability or sexuality. The policy and content will comply with LA and government guidance.

The RSE Curriculum

SRE is based within Science and Personal Social and Health Education. Any topics covered as part of the science curriculum are statutory. This includes:

Key Stage 1

  • That animals and humans grow and reproduce
  • To recognise and name the main external parts of their bodies and some internal parts e.g. vagina.
  • To recognise similarities and difference between them selves and others and to treat each other with sensitivity
  • That humans produce offspring and that these grow into adults

Key Stage 2

  • The life processes common to humans including growth and reproduction
  • The main stages of the life cycle (including puberty)

Why we teach RSE

Teenage pregnancies in the local area have reduced by a third in the 5 years we have been teaching this programme of work:

Useful Documents

AET - Sex Education Policy - 2016 FINAL 161003.pdf
Year 3 RSE parents letter.pdf
SMSC policy.pdf
Year 4 RSE parents letter.pdf
Year 1 RSE parents letter.pdf
Year 5 RSE parents letter.pdf
Year 2 RSE parents letter.pdf
Year 6 RSE parents letter.pdf

Updated December 2019