Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

At Lea Forest Primary Academy we aim to deliver language lessons that encourage our children to explore a love of languages through a wide range of engaging and exciting activities.

We recognise the importance and benefits of being able to communicate in other languages, and the opportunities it offers our pupils to enable them to lead remarkable lives.

Our languages curriculum is delivered by a language specialist, which coupled with our ongoing international projects, ensure our children have maximum exposure to a wide range of cultures and experiences through authentic sources, promoting cultural diversity and the ability to identify themselves as global citizens.

Through a carefully tailored curriculum, children are able to make substantial progress in all four skills of language learning as they are taught grammatical content in addition to vocabulary, enabling them to adapt previously taught phrases to suit their needs. This ability to communicate their own individual ideas and thoughts inspire our learners and lay the foundations for successful language acquisition in KS3.

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Updated November 2019