How to prepare or school life

We will aim to post one new idea every two weeks to build up gradually, but here are three that you can get started with now.

BBC Starting Primary School

1) Teach your child to get dressed and undressed by themselves - this is hard work but will help massively for things like getting ready to access outdoor provision and getting changed for PE. Things children usually struggle with when they first start school are zips, buttons and hook and eye clasps on trousers - if you can teach your child to do these things then they will be set!

2) Encourage your child to start using cutlery correctly and independently. This will be helpful when they start to eat lunches in the dining room.

3) Sing simple nursery rhymes together. The patterned language and sentence structure will really help your child's development at this stage (as well as being lots of fun!). Rhymes you could try include:

Take a look at for ideas and activities to help you with a range of activities that will develop your child's vocabulary, reading and play skills and prepare them for school life.

Please feel free to get in touch via if you have further questions or would like to arrange an appointment with a member of the Early Years team.

Updated May 2020