Early Years

Our Early Years

At Lea Forest Academy we understand the importance of building good foundations for future learning and our provision for nursery children and reception aged children reflects this.

Lots of opportunities and support are provided for our children to play and explore, take part in active learning and create and think critically as they learn to make sense of the world around them.

We know that children develop and learn in different ways, at different rates and have different interests too. Every child is unique and should be treated so allowing them the opportunity to develop and learn in a safe and nurturing environment where play and learning is combined.

Learning should be fun and we strongly believe in first hand learning, valuing the importance of the outdoor environment to develop children’s thinking and problem solving skill

We are committed to providing the best possible start to their school life, teaching them skills and giving them experiences which will ensure their well-being now and success in the future.

Nursery Curriculum Overview

Nursery Overview 2019-2020.pdf

Reception Curriculum Overview

Reception Overview 2019-2020.pdf

Updated November 2019