At Lea Forest we celebrate and embrace our diverse cultures through the recognition of faiths and beliefs.

We are a Birmingham EAL hub school with pupils and staff who are passionate in all we do.

We are proud to have an EAL Hub at Lea Forest. Our Hub is a literacy enriched environment

that supports our EAL children learning survival language, key vocabulary and sentence structures. These skills are learnt by specialised teaching and personalised learning through a wide range of personal, real-life and engaging activities.

In the Hub, we always embrace every opportunity to strive and show our remarkable. Follow us on Twitter to so how remarkable we are!

At Lea Forest ‘The Learning Village’ is used with all pupils learning English to support and develop their language, enabling them to grow and succeed.

The Learning Village is an online teaching tool and learning aid for children who are learning English.

It is a progressive programme that allows children to learn vocabulary and sentence structures through the recognition of images, sight vocabulary and audio.

Intrigued? Want to know more? If so, just follow us on Twitter or get in touch – we’re here to help!

Want to know more? If so, please pop along and see Miss Jones and join our family village. You could even attend our ESOL workshops coming soon! Look out for the posters and letters. email: ealhub@leaforestacademy.org

EAL Progression Map 2019-2020

EAL PROGRESSION MAP September 19.pdf
EAL 12 June 2019 handout.pdf

Updated November 2019