School Council

Langer Primary Academy School Council

What is a School Council?

The School Council is YOUR VOICE. A way of getting children involved in decision making and a way of being able to voice your opinions.

Langer Academy School Council is made up of two representatives from each class. Two children from Beach Huts also represent Pebbles class at meetings.

How to become a school councillor

A good school councillor needs to be…..

- Full of ideas

- Able to listen (and suggest solutions) to the views of others

- Responsible (able to look after their own badge!)

- Patient

- Committed

t the beginning of each school year anyone who wishes to become a school councillor can put their name forward. A vote is held to select the top four children. Then each candidate must prepare a short presentation about why they would be a brilliant representative. The two lucky children with the most votes become a Langer Primary Academy school councillor. This is a big responsibility!

What does the school council do?

The School Council hold regular meetings to discuss a number of issues and topics such as fundraising for charity or for the academy, ways to improve our academy, competitions, ideas for events, recycling, healthy eating, anti-bullying and much, much more!

The school councillors are here to listen and speak to anyone who needs help or has a problem, or if you an idea you would like to share. If you don’t know who the school councillors are, have a look at the school council notice board where you will find a photo and the name of each school councillor. Don’t be shy. Your school councillor is here to help you!