Google Classroom - Pupils

To log-on to Google Classroom please follow the instructions below:

1. Type into the Google search engine 'Google Classroom' into the search box.

2. Click the top link 'Google Classroom'. This will take you to the following page.

3. In the 'Enter your email' box, write your Langer Primary Academy email address. This should be the first letter of your name followed by your surname followed by (this rule does not always apply, especially if you have a sibling - talk to your class teacher if you are unsure.)

Example: Joe Bloggs will sign in as

Please ensure that all spelling are correct.

4. Then click on 'Next'.

5. Enter your password.

All children have been given a password if they are unsure or have forgotten their password then they should speak to their class teacher.

6. Once you are signed in your class should appear on screen, click on this and it will take you straight to your classes Google Classroom. There you can access the current homework and complete it online.

If you have any difficulties accessing Google Classroom at school then you must speak to your class teacher immediately so that they can help you to complete your homework.