What’s it like to be a child at Langer?

In our main corridor we currently have a display of the children’s views of what it’s like to be a child at Langer. Here at Langer we think it is very important that the children’s voices are heard.

Below are some of the many responses from our pupils:

- “Safe and inspired to learn”

- “I’m protected because we have people to look after us”

- “Learn new things everyday”

- “I feel marvellous”

- “Cool, awesome, amazing and more...”

- “You never get bored”

- “Everyone treats you with respect”

- “Your friends work with you to learn”

- “Fun!”

- “Great variety of books”

Play Leaders

Our school is extremely lucky to have some brilliant play leaders in our older classes, Years 5 and 6. At lunch time their role is to play with the younger children in KS1 and to organise playground games. The children have a variety of equipment to use such as: hula hoops, football nets, bat and balls, stilts, skipping ropes and much more… It’s great because it not only helps kids to get active but it also helps them to enjoy themselves. Recently, we have had part of our playground resurfaced and new playground markings have been put in.