ParentMail is a unique, powerful parental engagement service.

All the features below are available in one simple system, making ParentMail the most comprehensive parental engagement service available – used by 6,000 schools, nurseries and children's clubs to communicate and collect payments from 3.5 million parents.

Why do we use ParentMail?

Every parent knows it's difficult keeping track of all the school activities, clubs and events their children do. There's always something to pay for – kit needed for swimming or football – or ingredients for cooking club…

ParentMail helps make life just that little bit easier; with a single account you can receive information and make payments to every school, club or nursery your children attend that also uses ParentMail.

Parents/Carers can also share an account so both can be kept up-to-date with everything that's going on in their children's lives.

You can use your ParentMail account from your computer or by using our free mobile phone App where you can:

- Receive messages from your schools

- Pay for items including uniform

- Pay for clubs

- Pay for trips

- Top-up dinner money

To sign up for ParentMail please go and see Mrs Ruffles, Mrs Miller or Mrs James in the School Office to set up an account.