School Uniform

'Dress Smart, Think Smart'

We are firm believers in the saying ‘Dress Smart, Think Smart’ and in that vein we pride ourselves on our school uniform and the way in which the pupils present themselves, both in terms of uniform and in their work. Our uniform proudly displays our school logo and we sell matching bags, hats and PE kits. We encourage the children to wear an academy uniform which is both practical and neat. This, in turn, promotes a sense of ‘belonging’ to Langer Primary Academy. Items marked SO can be purchased from the School Office.

Our School Uniform:

- White shirt or blouse

- Black or grey trousers

- Black or grey skirt

- Navy Langer Primary Academy jumper complete with our logo (available from the School Office) or a plain navy jumper - SO

- Navy Langer Primary Academy cardigan complete with our logo (available from the School Office) or a plain navy cardigan - SO

- Black/grey/navy/white socks or tights

- Blue gingham dress (during the Summer months)

- Black shoes (practical for safety and comfort, children should not be wearing boots or canvas shoes)

P.E. Kit:

- Light blue Langer Primary Academy P.E. T-shirt - SO

- Plain black or navy shorts - SO

- Light blue t-shirt

- Blue Langer Primary Academy Hoodie - SO

- Blue Langer Primary Academy Jogging Bottoms - SO

- Plain black or navy jogging trousers for colder weather

- Black plimsolls or a change of trainers

- Drawstring bag - SO

All items of academy clothing should be clearly named, we have permanent markers in the School Office should you wish to borrow one.

Uniform Price List

Uniform for sale from the School Office or order and pay on ParentMail.

Second-Hand Uniform Sale

We have a variety of second-hand uniform in the School Office. All uniform has been cleaned and is in a very good condition. If you would like to purchase any second-hand uniform then please speak to Mrs Miller in the School Office. If you have any unwanted school uniform that is clean and in a good condition and would like to donate it to our second-hand uniform sale then please give it into the school office. We would welcome and donations!