Absences & Late Arrivals

If your child is late or needs to leave during the school day, parents will need to complete the signing in/out register, which is located inside the front entrance. National regulations require us to record the incidence and reason for pupil absence in detail. Please keep us informed by telephone on the first day of your child’s absence.

Parents should also send a letter of explanation on the child’s return to the school. Any absence for which we have no satisfactory explanation must be recorded as “Unauthorised”.

Our attendance registers are checked every six weeks by the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO). Under government legislation, periods of prolonged absence will be investigated by the Educational Welfare Service, which may result in the issuing of fixed penalty notices.

When telephoning the office to report an absence, please remember to state what the condition is and not just that the child is ‘ill/poorly’. If we do not have full details we will need to call back to ask for more information for our records.