Working in strong partnership is very important to every child's learning journey. Parents obviously have the most powerful influence on their child's development and we aim to help and support parents 'belong' and feel that Langer Primary Academy is their school too.

Open Communication

We believe that a warm welcome, a positive approach and easy access to information are key to securing effective home/school communication. There are a number of ways for information to be shared between home and school, include:

- Facebook & Twitter

- A display board outside the entrance of the School Office

- Celebration and Class assemblies

- Curriculum maps of the learning planned for the year

- Informal communication at the beginning and end of the day

- An open door policy that applies to the Headteacher and Class Teachers

- Parent consultations meetings in the Autumn and Spring term

- A progress report that is given out in the Summer term

- A suggestions box in the front entrance for your suggestions and ideas

- The school uses Ofsted's ParentView to gather feedback about the school. If you wish to express your views then please put these on the ParentView website.

- Friendly and helpful staff in the School Office who can help direct you to any information you may need

- A dedicated Family Liaison Manager to signpost ways for you to get more support, how to be more involved in your child's learning or to suggest additional service you may require

- Stay & Play sessions in Pebbles

- And of course this website

Late Arrival and Absence

If your child is late or needs to leave during the school day, parents will need to complete the signing in/out register, which is located inside the front entrance. National regulations require us to record the incidence and reason for pupil absence in detail. Please keep us informed by telephone on the first day of your child’s absence.

To report your child's absence please contact the school, before 9:00a.m., on 01394 283065 and then press 1, you do not need to speak to a member of staff. When telephoning the office to report an absence, please remember to state what the condition is and not just that the child is ‘ill/poorly’. If we do not have full details we will need to call back to ask for more information for our records.

Parents should also send a letter of explanation on the child’s return to the school. Any absence for which we have no satisfactory explanation must be recorded as “Unauthorised”.

Our attendance registers are checked every six weeks by the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO). Under government legislation, periods of prolonged absence will be investigated by the Educational Welfare Service, which may result in the issuing of fixed penalty notices.

Road Safety

The entrance to the school is very busy at the beginning and end of the day and care must be taken. Miss Ann Ryan provides a road crossing patrol for children before and after school.

The area outside any school is often congested at the beginning and end of the school day. ‘Keep Clear’ markings are provided on the road to maintain levels of safety. Motorists who ignore the yellow markings are breaking the law and putting children’s lives at risk.

Parents who do bring their child/children to the school by car are therefore asked to comply with the following guidelines:

- Please DO NOT use the school car park. This can put both children and adults at risk particularly as the pavement passes right across the car park exit. Use is restricted to staff and visitors only.

- Please park away from the immediate vicinity of the school, using parking space on the side roads and walking the short distance to and from the school.

- Consider using a rota so that each car carries as many children as possible.

- The school operates a policy of equal opportunities and extends a welcome to all members of the community, including those with a disability. We can grant exemption from the above ruling, providing a Car Park Pass is visible, where appropriate. (Please contact the School Office.)

Safety outside the School

We would not question the need for vigilance concerning the safety of our children. Above all, the people responsible for children must know where they are at all times. Please remember that if a child is not in the school, we assume that they are at home or in the safe keeping of parents. We do ask you to confirm this by telephone at the first opportunity.

Children do sometimes go to play at another child’s house after the school day; it is important that both families and the school know of the arrangements. The incident of a missing child can be very stressful for all concerned and above all for the parent.


Older Children have the opportunity to learn to cycle safely. Cycles left at the school should be padlocked as we cannot take responsibility for their safety.